Attendee Services

Accessibility and Inclusion Resources

Real-time Captioning at Plenary Sessions

All plenary sessions will be simultaneously webcast with open captions. This makes the plenary sessions accessible for audience members who identify as having a hearing impairment, and it also improves conditions for individuals who have difficulty hearing. To access the webcast and captions from your computer, smart phone, or tablet, visit a webcasting site (will be provided).

ASL Interpreters

Attendees can request sign language interpreters for the Annual Meeting by January 24, 2018. Interpreters are available for scientific sessions, seminars, topical and plenary lectures, business meetings, clinics, and workshops. For all other events, arrangements with the interpreter can be made separately at the individual’s cost. To request an interpreter, please complete this online request form.


AAAS has scooters available for registrants of the Annual Meeting who submit a request by January 24, 2018. To reserve a scooter, please complete this online request form.

Mother’s Room

For information about access to the mother’s room, please visit the AAAS Information Desk at the Austin Convention Center.

Inclusive Facilities

Restrooms are available for use by all persons, regardless of gender identity. These restrooms may also function as a family restroom or as a restroom for disabled persons traveling with a companion. A sign on the doors reading “Inclusive Facilities—for all to use” will be posted. Location of inclusive facilities will be provided closer to the Annual Meeting.

A Quiet Work Room

This room is intended to provide a quiet, relaxing space where attendees can spend time away from the excitement of the meeting and manage urgent work matters. The Quiet Work Room is not available for conversations or meetings, and guests are asked to limit their stay to one hour to make room for other attendees. The room will be set with tables and chairs. More information is forthcoming.

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