Welcome the 2022 AAAS Annual Meeting FAQ page!

How should I set up my device for the best 2022 AAAS Annual Meeting experience?

Internet Connection

You should check your connection speed prior to joining the meeting. You’ll need a minimum of 0.6 Mbps download speed, but we recommend at least 1 Mbps for streaming. For video calls, we recommend 2.5 Mbps download speed.b

To test your connection, go to: https://tokbox.com/developer/tools/precall/results


• Make sure your browser is up to date with the latest version. We recommend using Google Chrome. Download Chrome here . Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Opera are also supported. Internet Explorer is not supported.
• Make sure your operating system is up to date. We support Windows 7 or later and Mac OS 10.12 or later.
• Make sure your camera and microphone have permission to be used. Check your browser and device settings.
• Disable browser extensions or plugins that are large or privacy-related.
• Disconnect from any VPN.
Clear your cache, cookies and browsing data of all time or use a private/incognito browser window if you are experiencing any issues.

Navigation tips:

• Click on Home at the top left of the navigation bar to return to the home page at any time.
• Use the browser’s back button when the sub-navigation bar is not at the top of the screen.

Click here to get specific instructions for your browser or device

In what time zone are the meeting times displayed?

Time zones are adjusted for each user, so events are displayed in your local time. Your time zone is set based on your computer’s time. So, it will be incorrect if your physical time zone is different from your computer’s time zone. Learn how to change your time zone for Mac and Windows. Additionally, synch your computer with the atomic clock in your device settings to ensure you’re not late for the sessions.


To adjust the contrast of the website, or make the fonts larger, click your profile picture and the drop down will have toggles to shift the format to your preferred settings.

The AAAS Annual Meeting is utilizing AI captioning for the program.  To access captioning, open the conference platform in a Chrome browser, then click settings, then click Advanced, and then click Accessibility. 

[ In Settings  > Advanced > Accessibilities ] 
It will take you to a control panel where you can turn on and adjust the appearance of your captions.  There, you can also add accessibility plug-ins like screen readers.

Can I change my background like Zoom?

Unfortunately, there are no virtual backgrounds on the platform. Make sure your background is appropriate and something you do not mind people seeing.

Can I turn on my camera and mic on during sessions?

You can turn your camera and mic on during coffee chats, personal 1:1 or small group meetings using the icons in the lower left corner during the meeting, and some workshops by way of the raise hand feature. Be sure to allow the platform access to your camera and mic for this purpose.

 If you’re in a meeting that you want to turn your camera and mic on, you can select the preferred camera and mic. Click More in the lower left corner in the meeting, then click Settings, and choose your inputs of the preferred camera and mic.

I can’t hear the session. What do I do?

Hover over the video playing on the screen and make sure to turn up the volume, just as you would a YouTube or Vimeo video you would play. 

If your screen freezes, or experience other technical difficulties:

• Refresh your browser.
• Refer to the internet connection and browser information within this FAQ.
• Type your question into the help bot for further assistance, which may include connecting with a live agent to help resolve the issue.

My question is not answered in the FAQ, how can I receive assistance?

Our chatbot in the top right corner dropdown list of the platform can assist with common technical questions. Click your profile picture, then Help Chat for assistance. They can also connect you to a human for assistance from February 14-20 from 9:00 am – 5:30 pm ET by simply typing “I want a human”.

For registration questions and access level changes, see Common Registration Questions below .

What’s on the platform? Where do I go to get what I need?

First, you’ll want to set up your profile (see below).

Become familiar with the site by clicking around the navigation bar at the top of the page. If you end up somewhere you don’t want to be, click your browser’s back button or click the logo in the top left corner to return to the home page. Check out these navigation landmarks to get started:

Home: Where it all begins. Discover featured content!


• Browse all of our live and upcoming sessions. Make sure to click the Attend button on anything you’re interested in to add it to your schedule.
My Calendar:  to see your personal schedule.
Library: Watch spotlight videos that support the scientific session live discussions. This is also where you’ll find recordings of live sessions after the conference. Recordings of live sessions will be posted throughout the week, with the complete library available by March 5. The platform is available until April 15 to Deluxe Accessregistration to view on-demand content.
Speakers: Learn more about our speakers and when you’ll find them on stage.
E-Posters: Peruse the virtual student e-poster flash presentations and provide feedback.

Connect :

Mingle: See how you can meet other attendees during the conference.
Merch Mart: Show your support in our AAAS Annual Meeting shop by taking home a piece of meeting art.
Photobooth: Join other attendees in a mosaic group picture.
Relax: Take a break and enjoy scenery from around the world.
Attendees: Learn about other attendees at the conference. Send messages, schedule meetings and save them to My Contacts to continue the connection.
My Contacts: Compiled list of new contacts that you have interacted with at this conference.

Expo: Meet our partners! They are ready to network with you in their virtual suites.

More: See FAQs, AAAS Policies

What are Spotlight Videos?

Spotlight Videos from the 2022 AAAS Annual Meeting remain available on the meeting platform. Recordings of live sessions will be posted throughout the week, with the complete library available by March 5. The platform is available until April 15 to Deluxe Access registration to view on-demand content.

How long will the AAAS Annual Meeting platform be accessible to watch spotlight videos and recorded sessions?

The event platform will be accessible until April 15, 2022.

How long does it take before a Live session will be available on-demand?

Most scientific sessions, workshops, plenary and topical lectures, special sessions and special events will be recorded and available on the event site within 48 hours of the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Will slides and handouts be available for download?

In most cases the slides are not available for download. Some workshops may have downloadable materials, which can be found on the session listing on the schedule.

How do I see the session description while the event is Live?

If a session is live, you will be brought into the “room” to see the stage, chat, Q&A, and polls. Scroll down on your screen to see the session description and any handouts that are available to download.

Why do I receive a message that I don’t have access to content?

We’re excited to offer some presentations, workshops and the ability to connect with each other at no cost to Basic level attendees. Change your registration to Deluxe level to dive into the program further including Scientific Sessions and their Library of Spotlight Videos, Film Screenings, and more. Go to Common Registration Questions to see how to upgrade. (Note: it can take up to an hour for this change to be implemented on the event website and you may need to refresh your browser to see the change.)

How do I Complete my profile? How do I interact with others?

Why do I need to set up my profile?

• Help you connect with attendees of similar interests on the Attendee page.
• Set your available times for 1:1 or small group meetups in your own meeting room.
• Receive recommendations of sessions during the event in “Recommended for You” on the home page.

How do I set up My Profile?

In the top right corner, click on green human icon and choose” My Information” to open your profile. From here you can edit your profile and preferences at any time. Make sure to add your picture, select your areas of interest, availability and preference to allow contact from others when you first arrive to maximize your experience. You can block part of your day by entering the “away date” and include the time block.

Contact Information Provided to Attendees and/or AAAS Partners

In your profile, there are four options for you to choose from related to how you want your contact information shared with other participants, including partners. In order to be contacted by others on the platform, you must “Allow members to contact me”.

How do I set up my schedule?

On your profile, choose the times you would like to potentially meet others at the event and set dates/times that you won’t be available. To schedule with others, you must select “Allow members to contact you”.

How do I connect with people Individually?

Each attendee has a private meeting room. Simply visit the Attendee List and select individuals to invite them to your room for networking, appointments, or coffee dates. At the time of your meeting, you can click on it from “My Calendar” to open your room.      

How else can I mingle and connect with other attendees on the event platform?

• Say hello in the sessions.
• From the Attendees page, view and save contacts so you can easily find them again.
• Send direct messages to others on the Attendees page.

What’s the difference between notifications and direct messages?

In the top right corner dropdown menu on your profile photo, you’ll see notifications and messages. Notifications are only for event-wide notifications from the AAAS Annual Meeting about such things as upcoming events, partner opportunities, or Leaderboard alerts.

If you’d like to direct message another attendee that has allowed others to contact them, you can send them a direct message through this platform by clicking on their profile from Connect, then Attendees navigation bars.

Click on the More button in the lower left corner of the session, click Leave and Return Home. Continue Watching will allow you to still see and hear others on screen, but remove your icon from view by others until you turn your mic or camera back on.

How do I see who’s in or has been in the meeting/session?

When in a live session or your personal meeting rooms, scroll down on the page and click on the people icon on the right just under the session view. This will show you which other attendees are sharing the experience with you.

 For those who enjoy a bit of competition

The AAAS Annual Meeting is a gamified platform that allows you to earn points for participating in activities throughout the site. Several contests are based on who has the most points, so use the Leaderboard to see where you stack up against other attendees.

To see the Leaderboard, click the lightning bolt in the upper right-hand corner. The number next to the lightning bolt are your points. Start earning points immediately! Why not gain your first points by adding a profile photo?

How do I win prizes?

Participate, participate, participate! There are a lot of waysto earn points on the 2022 Annual Meeting platform. Simple actions get you points automatically. For example, you can earn points by:

• Enter a QUESTION in the Q&A section during a session
• Answer a POLL QUESTION on any page
• Leave a COMMENT anywhere on the platform
JOIN a session
Create private one on one meetings and add them to “My Calendar”
COMPLETE any piece of content with a complete button

 [JS7] Look for the lightning bolts! Each action above earns points, and each can only be earned once per session, poll, question, etc. The top 3 winners as of Sunday, February 20 at 2:00 PM ET will receive:

(2) Complimentary Registrations for 2023 AAAS Annual Meeting either In-Person or Virtual.  One registration must be used by winner, and the second to be assigned to the winner’s guest.

Terms of Contest:

No purchase necessary. All attendees are eligible to participate excluding AAAS Staff. Prizes have no retail value. Gain points attributed to completion of tasks. Examples of ways to earn points are noted above. Points will be tracked and assigned upon completion by automatic application. Top 3 scores will be awarded. In case of a tie, winners will be drawn randomly. Prizes will be emailed to winners post event by AAAS staff. Winner’s contact information will be used to send prizes.

Common Registration Questions

I have Deluxe access but can’t access the film screenings, why?

Due to individual film distribution obligations, some film screenings have restrictions from some countries outside of the United States. We apologize that we’re not able to provide access to you.

I have Deluxe access but videos won’t play, why?

Some countries have limited access to such platforms as Vimeo, Youtube, etc. If you’re in a country that doesn’t allow the on-demand content to play, you may not be able to view these items of the event.

How do I change my registration level from Basic access to Deluxe access?

See the contacts below to make adjustments to your registration. Please note that this can take up to an hour to reflect on the conference platform and you may need to refresh your browser to see the change.

Registration adjustments

For assistance, contact the AAAS meeting staff:

Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm EDT

Email: meetings@aaas.org

AAAS Policies

Consent for Use of Photographic Images: 

Registration and attendance at, or participation in, the AAAS Annual Meeting constitutes an agreement by the registrant to permit AAAS to use and distribute (both now and in the future) the registrant or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, video, audio, and electronic reproductions of such events and activities.

Code of Conduct

Conflict of Interest

Social Media Policy


AAAS is committed to making the Annual Meeting an inclusive space for sharing ideas and knowledge. View Our Policies