Visa Tip Sheet

1. Register for the AAAS Annual Meeting to get your letter of invitation.

You will need to register for the AAAS Annual Meeting to get your letter of invitation. The sooner you request your letter of invitation, the better. A letter will be issued once you have completed and paid your Annual Meeting registration. Be sure you leave sufficient time to obtain a visitor visa (typically B-1), unless you are a foreign media representative. Please consult your local U.S. embassy or consulate to enter the United States.

2. Schedule an appointment with the appropriate U.S. embassy or consulate in your country as soon as you receive your visa letter.

Make your appointment early, as wait times can be long in some countries. Please request your letter of invitation before making your appointment and make sure you have your letter available for your interview.

3. Verify fees and requirements.

Learn more about visa fees and the methods of payment accepted by the embassy or consulate. The website also contains information on other requirements such as photographs.

4. Be sure to complete all official documents.

Answer all questions completely. Do not use “NA” or “Not applicable” on your forms. If the answer is in the negative, use “no”, “nil”, or “none.” Do not leave it blank.

5. Show proof of “strong ties” that bind you to your country of residence.

The Consular Officers conducting visa interviews look for proof that you will return to your country.Evidence of “strong ties” includes proof of business ownership, employment, or social and family relationships.

6. If you have traveled to the U.S. previously, provide documentation demonstrating that you returned to your country
on time (airline boarding pass for example).

Show proof that you returned within the timeframe you stated. For example, use an airline ticket stub/boarding pass that shows your return flight or meeting materials that show you attended a business conference.

7. With your application, include any materials AAAS may have sent you for the Annual Meeting.

Include these with your application to prove the conference is a legitimate business event.

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