Annual Meeting Livestream

Welcome to the destination for livestreamed events at the 2020 AAAS Annual Meeting! The sessions listed below will be livestreamed with real-time captioning, available below the video player at specified times (listed in Pacific Standard Time).
Videos will be archived on Annual Meeting YouTube Channel, following each live broadcast.

View archived videos from the 2020 #AAASmtg YouTube Channel

Schedule of Annual Meeting Livestreamed Events

5:00 PM Steven Chu: President’s Address, presented by Johnson & Johnson
8:00 AM Coronavirus: Contextualizing Modern Responses to Pandemics
9:30 AM Welcome to Seattle! Overview of Science in Washington State
10:00 AM Debrief: Carbon Economy: Considerations for the United States and Pacific Rim
10:30 AM Debrief: Climate Change Solutions: Capturing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Land
11:30 AM STPF Live on the Expo Stage
12:00 PM European Commission
12:30 PM Azra Raza: The First Cell: And the Human Cost of Pursuing Cancer to the Last
1:00 PM Sonia Contera: Nano Comes to Life: How Nanotechnology Is Transforming Medicine and the Future of Biology
1:30 PM Agustín Fuentes: Why We Believe: Evolution and the Human Way of Being
2:00 PM Bill Gates Plenary Lecture
3:30 PM Debrief: Bringing Scientific Evidence to Meet Local Policy Challenges
4:00 PM Debrief: Capturing the Future: A Smartphone Competition
5:15 PM Maryn McKenna Plenary Lecture: The Second Antibiotic Era, presented by the European Commission
9:30 AM Debrief: Green Toxicology
10:00 AM From Tiny Particles to Vast Oceans – Big Science for a Better Tomorrow
10:30 AM Debrief: Urban Resilience and Emergency Response: The Climate Change Perspective
11:00 AM Debrief: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Recommendations from Physics and Astronomy
11:30 AM Debrief: The Neuroscience of Addiction: Policy Considerations
12:00 PM Debrief: Science of Homelessness
1:00 PM Thomas O. McGarity: Pollution, Politics, and Power: The Struggle for Sustainable Electricity  
1:30 PM Daniel M. Russell: The Joy of Search: A Google Insider’s Guide to Going Beyond the Basics
2:00 PM Francis Su: Mathematics for Human Flourishing
2:30 PM Topical Debrief with Jane Lubchenco
3:00 PM Topical Debrief with Patricia Kuhl
4:00 PM Debrief: AAAS Award Winner
5:15 PM Alondra Nelson: The Social Life of DNA and the Need for a New Bioethics  
9:30 AM Dance Your PhD
10:00 AM Debrief: Detecting, Combating, and Identifying Dis and Mis-information
10:30 AM Debrief: 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam Draft: Lessons for the Sciences
11:30 AM Debrief: Managing Water: New Tools for Sustainable Development
12:00 PM Debrief: Human Cell Atlas
12:30 PM Leonardo Martinez-Diaz: Building a Resilient Tomorrow
1:00 PM Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
2:00 PM Tom Siegfried: The Number of the Heavens
3:00 PM   Debrief: Communication Through Touch: From Babies to Social Robots
3:30 PM   Topical Debrief: David Keith  
5:15 PM   Krysta Svore: Develop for Quantum Impact
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