Normally, we would be preparing for proposal review, but we are extending the 2021 Annual Meeting proposal submission deadline until July 14, 2020, so that you can take care of your immediate needs before focusing on sharing your work in Phoenix.

Over the next 8-week period, AAAS will be building on the paperless media program launched at the last Annual Meeting. Through exploring different scientific podcasts, video series, and documentary films, we hope you will join us in sharing thoughts and related work in our pursuit of common causes.

The Process:

  • Each Friday, the links to the upcoming week’s media program and Twitter handles of facilitators will be revealed on our What’s New tab and linked below.
  • Review the content at your leisure, or enjoy it during the live discussions on Twitter from 1-3 PM Eastern Time on the scheduled day.
  • Facilitators and participants alike are invited to post comments using the #AAASmtg hashtag.

The themes to be explored over the next 8 weeks will be:

If you have content recommendations and/or an interest in being a facilitator, please email with the heading “Paperless Media”.

Our goal with the AAAS Annual Meeting Paperless Media program is to complement our scientific sessions by providing live action documentary depictions of a range of topics aligning with:

  • our disciplinary sections, which include natural and social sciences, as well as medicine and engineering;
  • our organization’s mission of advancing “science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people”;
  • or our Annual Meeting theme – Understanding Dynamic Ecosystems.

You can review the 2020 AAAS Annual Meeting Films and Podcasts as a reference.

AAAS is committed to making the Annual Meeting an inclusive space for sharing ideas and knowledge. View Our Policies