Milestone Celebrations

The Milestones for the 2020 Annual Meeting celebrate events that have increased access to and advances in the scientific endeavor, bringing discussion of scientific topics into everyday life.

19th Amendment

In August 1920, Congress ratified the 19th Amendment. The legal validation for women’s voting rights has resulted, directly or indirectly, in the great advances women and other underrepresented groups have made in all spheres of public and private life.

Science — The Endless Frontier Report

In 1945, engineer Vannevar Bush created this extensive report for then-president Franklin D. Roosevelt. It provided many justifications for the value of the scientific endeavor and the ways it can support U.S. policy, and has had global and wide-ranging impact in government funding for the sciences in the years since its publication.

Earth Day

In 1970, Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin established the first Earth Day, an occasion to raise awareness about environmental concerns for individuals from all walks of life. In doing so, he began a national conversation about how best to protect America’s natural resources in the years to come.
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