Science Breakthrough Sessions

In 2022, Science Magazine selected NASA’s new space telescope, JWST, as its breakthrough of the year. The data coming in from this telescope are already giving us a much clearer picture of the cosmos than we’ve ever seen. But there was a lot of groundbreaking science last year in the lab, the field and even in Congress — feats that Science Magazine recognized as 2022 Breakthrough Runners-up. Come join scientists involved in related work, from asteroid deflection to massive microbe detection, all of which made 2022 a big year for science.

See Jane Rigby talk about JWST:
Transformative Science with the Webb Telescope


A Surprisingly Massive Microbe

Jean-Marie Volland, Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems

Asteroid Deflected: A Crash Course in Planetary Defense

Cristina Thomas, Northern Arizona University

Andy Rivkin, Johns Hopkins University

Virus Fingered as Cause of Multiple Sclerosis

Alberto Ascherio, Harvard Medical School

Lawrence Steinman, Stanford University

Perennial Rice Promises Easier Farming

Len Wade, University of Queensland

Fengyi Hu, Yunnan University

Shilai Zhang, Yunnan University

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