Thank you for being part of the virtual 2022 AAAS Annual Meeting! This page is for scientific session organizers, speakers, and moderators in the meeting program. Please bookmark this page for your record.

Scientific Sessions: Live Panel Discussions

Nothing draws attention like a lively discussion about timely subjects.  In the Live Panels, speakers are asked to generate discussion by asking follow-up question to each other so they can draw out both agreeing and conflicting evidence. There are NO isolated presentations during the panel discussion. 

This session is to deepen the understanding of findings that are inline or out of step with the group of the speakers and have them discuss why.  Audience questions are meant to further that goal.  The spotlight videos that you recorded with the AAAS recording team are available to familiarize the viewers with each speaker’s work, and ready the audience with the evidence they will refer to during the live discussion.    

More information on the live panels will be released in January.

Scientific Sessions: Spotlight Videos


The 25-minute Spotlight Videos will be recorded “live to tape”, (one take, no editing) so it is strongly recommended that speakers and moderators plan and rehearse their presentation.d their spotlight video with their moderator.

  • To ensure consistent video quality and branding, all spotlight videos must be recorded by AAAS’ vendor PAVT. 
  • Only one complimentary appointment for each speaker/moderator combination.
  • Please ensure your slides have been formatted in a 16:9 ratio and have 0.5-inch margins all around for the best video display.  If you need a blank 16:9 ratio to build your PowerPoint on, click here
  • All sessions will be streamed. There will be no video downloads. 
  • As a thank you, recordings that were available for on-demand viewing will be sent to participating speakers in April. 

Each speaker needs to reserve a 45-minutes timeslot here to record their spotlight video with their moderator.  Again, the video maximum length will be up to 25 min:

  • Intro video (15 seconds)
  • Moderator introduces speaker (1 minute). Here is a short script to assist the moderator when recording each spotlight video.
  • Speaker presents with slides (10 minutes)
  • Moderator and Speaker Q&A (13 minutes)
  • Outro video (15 seconds)

All recordings need to be completed by December 15th.  Sessions without all the spotlight recordings may be removed from the scientific program.

Follow this link for a PowerPoint presentation, including tips about preparing and recording a professional video presentation with a speaker and a moderator for the hybrid 2022 AAAS Annual Meeting.

General Information


The AAAS Annual Meeting draws an interdisciplinary audience. While you are likely to have experts in your field attending your session, there will likely be a cross-disciplinary audience joining the discussion.

Attendees are encouraged to review each speaker’s spotlight video which gives an overview of their work and findings before this discussion begins so they can fully follow the conversation.

For February’s live panels, the in-person audience members can ask questions via a microphone that will be located in the session room, and both the in-person and virtual audience members can submit their questions online into the meeting platform for the panelists to answer.


To prepare, speakers will have access to their fellow panelists’ spotlight videos in January.  If their registration level does not permit them to view them, temporary access will be granted for those videos only.


If a moderator is participating remotely and not in Philadelphia, the session room’s technician will alert the moderator to audience members queuing for questions at the microphone.  In- person audience members in Philadelphia will take priority on questions. When questions are spoken into the microphone, the moderator and virtual attendees will be able to hear them.


  • Letyour online followers and attendees who would be interested in your work know that you are presenting at the AAAS Annual Meeting!
  • Include the #AAASmtg hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook posts. Please use this general Annual Meeting social media card to include in your messaging.


All speakers will be required to register for one of these passports:

  • Deluxe Passport-$155 for speakers. Includes access to all Scientific Sessions, Spotlight Videos and Public Events. This passport is for both In-person and virtual only events.
  • Basic Passport-$0 for speakers. Includes access to all virtual public events and virtual presenter access to your Scientific Session. Speakers cannot attend In-person with this passport.

In general, is a good resource for questions about the AAAS Annual Meeting. However, if you need additional information, please feel free to contact us by emailing

AAAS is committed to making the Annual Meeting an inclusive space for sharing ideas and knowledge. View Our Policies