2024 AAAS Annual Meeting Newsroom

The AAAS Annual Meeting will offer an array of opportunities to reporters and communicators who, with appropriate credentials, are eligible for complimentary meeting registration.  

Apply for complimentary Newsroom Registration here
When asked for a code, type in the word PRESS24 to access Newsroom Registration

To avoid missing the start of the conference, please complete newsroom registration by 5PM ET on February 14, 2024.

Newsroom Credentialing

Complimentary access to the 2024 AAAS Annual Meeting Newsroom resources and news briefings is available to journalists and communicators with appropriate credentials.


Working journalists; public information officers (PIOs), which includes communications professionals staffing speakers; journalism professors and journalism students.

Does not include:

Representatives of lobbying, special interest, or advocacy organizations. Similarly, scientists, advertising or marketing professionals, and investment analysts (even those who have a newsletter or a webpage). Your primary occupation must be either as a journalist or PIO (or you are a journalism student) to qualify for newsroom registration. Those who are ineligible must register as general attendees and pay the appropriate registration fee.

If you meet the eligibility criteria:

Register here. When asked for a code, type in the word PRESS24 to access Newroom registration. Please use your work contact information when registering so we can easily verify that you qualify for press registration. If you are independent or a freelancer, please send in additional information for verification to meetings@aaas.org:

Journalists: a photo of a business card clearly showing your media affiliation and position, or a current recognized press card OR a link to a recent bylined article written by you.

Communications professionals/public information officers: A photo of a business card clearly showing your position (e.g., communications officer, editor, writer, public affairs director, public information specialist) OR recent materials distributed to the press (news releases, media advisories or tip sheets on which you are listed as the contact).

Journalism Professors and Journalism Students: Journalism professors may register online for their own complimentary access to the meeting. Journalism professors can contact AAAS at meetings.aaas.org and provide the names of the students you wish to sponsor. Ask students to use their university email addresses so we quickly identify them and approve their applications.


AAAS Annual Meeting newsroom registrants are required to observe news embargoes, which coincide with the date and time of the scientific session or media availability (whichever comes first for a given session), or the date and time of a related journal publication, in the case of the embargoed briefings.

Journalists who are members of EurekAlert have access to embargoed Science family journal press briefing materials. Both PIOs and journalists can join EurekAlert for free.

For more information, please contact the emails listed below:

General info on the conference:meetings.aaas.org
Press registration:       media@aaas.org
Science news briefings: scipak@aaas.org  
Media availabilities:   media@aaas.org
A schedule will be sent to registered press in January and February.


Abstracts and synopses of material presented at the AAAS Annual Meeting reflect the individual views of the author and not necessarily those of the AAAS, its Council, Board of Directors, officers, or the views of the institutions with which the authors are affiliated. Presentation of ideas, products, or publications at the AAAS Meeting or the reporting of them in resulting news accounts does not constitute endorsement by AAAS.

AAAS is committed to making the Annual Meeting an inclusive space for sharing ideas and knowledge. View Our Policies